Papon – A Voice that is so original that it makes the world look like an imitation

PaponIf there is one thing that would make me feel better than others in San francisco bay area, that would be Papon’s live in concert, for those who missed it, you missed seeing one of the most amazing performances….

Papon is beyond being “an Indian Singer” when it comes to music because you cannot miss the universality in his outlook to music… taking folk and ghazals and transforming it into beats that can swing a hip…. he is your man for the music that can move the millions…..

Thanks to AFNA (Assam Foundation of North America) for bringing this universal Assamese singer to the bay area… And a big Thanks to Radio Zindagi for promoting the event to make it happen…

My wife is an ardent fan of Papon and when I met him I said…”My wife has two weaknesses, one is the moon and the other is Papon, I can’t get her the moon. but I am happy she got to see Papon live in concert, Thanks AFNA…

What makes Papon stand out; I am not an authority on music, but I do understand when I hear music that I like and when I hear music that I love; Papon falls into love… A voice that kills you slowly and then revives you with an energy that will make you feel you have lived a lifetime…. Blending folk with a music to break the barrier of language, we all became Assamese when he sang his folks tunes… we became what he wanted us to be for that three hours….

20140714_020201For a singer to make his audience be one like him, is a great achievement and not many can do that… we have a lot of great performers, musicians, singers, but for someone to be able to give a shot of music for everyone in the auditorium is not easy… every single person who left the show today (sorry yesterday, sunday at 11:30 AM) had a piece of him or her lost to Papon; so did Papon lose a part of him to the crowd… Performers lose a part of themselves to the crowd they perform for; and that is a lose that will make you a better performer…

So Thanks to the SF Bay area fans; Papon is better than what he was before the show; You were a great crowd and I loved being one of you…

So here is one of Papon’s music for everyone…

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