Non Violence is the need of the Hour

20140801_122235Today I visited the Martin Luther King National Historic Site in Georgia. At the entrance stands a statue of Mahatma Gandhi welcoming you with a message which is even more relevant today, Non Violence. I could see a father and daughter there and the father explaining the daughter about Gandhi “Gandhi is the inspiration for Mr. King” He said…

Kids needs to learn about Gandhi and MLK, the importance of Non-Violence, that guns are bad, that everyone is equal, that war only has causalities, that every human life has the same value and that they should reject anything if it separates human beings from one another, be it religion or philosophy…

Today when thousands die in Gaza everyone should understand that these human lives have the same precious value as the ones being lost elsewhere in the world, nothing more nothing less. Every human life is precious… I say that the bloodshed in Gaza should be stopped, not just in Gaza, bloodshed should be stopped everywhere…. I say the same when I see suicide bombers butcher innocent lives in the name of religious fanaticism; I saw the same when I see people murdered as part of ethnic cleansing in some parts of the world…

Bottom line our fight against violence should not be biased, every human life is precious irrespective of which side of the battle, faith or country it lies…. Every human life is equal and precious….

Stop the bloodshed in Gaza, stop the suicide bombers, stop religious fanatics, stop murder of innocents in the name of religion, past disputes or race….

Every Human Life is Equally Precious

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