How should we look at the Violence happening around us?

Non-violenceViolence is bad whether it is happens to a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Atheist or any sect for that matter. Every human life is equally precious. We have seen atrocities on all the sections of the population over years…. The problem is there are still people who are biased when it comes to their approach to Violence.

There are many who oppose violence against one sect but remain silent (if not approve) when violence against other sects happen… Always dressing up unopposed violence as defense, collateral damage in the fight for greater good and such illogical reasoning..

Defense should only be on the perpetrators and never on innocent lives. In every war the causality on the either side are innocent. War is the result of the incapability of the leaders on either side to get into an amicable settlement and results in the butchery of military and civilian lives. I consider both causalities as innocent.

Collateral damage is violence, there is no greater good that can be achieved standing on the graves of innocent people… Bottom line all Violence is bad.

If you want to oppose violence do it without bias, without thinking who is doing it and on whom is it being done. You cannot dress up any violence in an acceptable form so you feel better when you sleep. You don’t oppose violence because you cannot sleep. You oppose violence because it is the right thing to do…. the only right thing to do…

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