The Teacher – 365 Flash Fiction #52

“What do you see” He asked her.
“I see a plant” She said in her sweet little voice
“Yes a plant” He repeated and smiled at her.
“Do you know why I am giving this to you?” He asked
“Because you love me?” She giggled
He pulled her closer to him and kissed on her forehead
“Yes dear because I love you, but there is one more reason” He said
She looked at him with curiosity in her eyes. He figured that she was thinking all the ways how a little plant was important.
He looked at her and said “I want this plant to be your teacher”
“Teacher?” she asked
“Yes teacher” He repeated “And you should be the best student, as you grow to a beautiful young lady and the plant grows to be a magnificent tree, it will teach you everything that the world would have forgotten by then”
“What are those Papa?” She came closer to him.
“It will teach you the importance of life, love and caring, it will teach you that you can give lots of love and for a any time without expecting anything back. You will learn how to grow tall but still having your roots firm in the ground. You will know that your strength is the bonding that you develop with mother earth.”
She looked at him all brightened with life
“He touched her, you will know that you don’t need to be known to make a difference in this world and that every good action you do will have its ripples for generations to come. If you are a good student, then this plant is the only teacher you will need to be happy, educated and contented with life.”
She looked at the plant and then at her dad and said
“Thank You Papa, I love you”