10 Things for us to Think and Do Everyday

Life is like playing cards, we have no choice on the hand being dealt, but we are in control of putting up the best game we can. If there were 10 things to think and do that can fit into an everyday routine… what would they be….?

It is an interesting question and many would have different answers and here are mine. I totally agree that everything might not be for everyone, but anyone can pick a few from these

Unless the water goes up the nose level, no one realizes that breathing is core to sustaining life

1 – Be Reminded that you are alive

Life is so unpredictable and your waking up to a new day is a sign that you are not dead. There are many who went to sleep yesterday and did not wake up today, you are among the survivors everyday. This also helps one look at things that are important and valuable to them in life and not miss on these precious aspects. life is always a bit shorter than what everyone wants

The line between being useful and becoming a burden is very thin

2 – Only you can do what you can do

There are many who woke up but cannot so what you are capable of. You are the only one who can truly do what you can. Your potential is your unique selling point, you need to use it, sell it, do something about it. the world needs you

My Learning started after my formal education ended

3 – Learn something new

Every learning has the power to change us. Yes it depends on what we learn, but we cannot dismiss its power to change. It does not matter what you learn… A word, A quote, A fact, A poem… Something… just learn something new

Love creates the feed for hope to thrive

4 – There is Love Find it

There is love in this world, but not everyone sees it or feels it… If we don’t see it we need to go find it…… the key to finding love is to start loving… Go love someone or something…. there is enough for everyone… Never apologize or feel guilty for falling in love…. With love will come hope and we all can thrive in that

Today, here, Now….. It has always been that way

4 – Your life starts today

Starting Today you can start reinventing any part of your life. There is nothing we have lost. Agreed that everything in the past (good and bad) is not dead, but what is really alive is just today and tomorrow. If we live our today fully, we can even fight our bad past from reaching us tomorrow.. Our life starts today everyday

A daily journey to a world of fiction will help us to acknowledge many facts in life

6 – Read a story or a poem

Read something new. Not necessary that you have to start a novel. May be a small poem, a short story, something that will take us away from where we are….. Something new… Something that is different from our daily chores, choose your time, your pace, your liking…. only rule, it should be fiction; a creative burst from someone.

It is important to connect with what you miss in life; people or yourself

7 – Walk for sometime

choose your own time and pace…. just one rule though…. If you live alone go walk with someone and if you are living with someone go walk alone. Walking helps us know ourselves, it helps us see things around us, things that we miss behind the steering wheel. No don’t use thread mill, just get out and walk…

Mistakes! The smart learn from it, The courageous own up theirs, And the Morons don’t make any

8 – Go make some mistakes

Make some new mistakes today, because we have a right to do it and then learn from it. Our biggest enemy is ourselves trying to tell us that we cannot make mistakes, that we have to be perfect… I am talking about new mistakes, not the ones we repeat every day and never learn, they are called habits not mistakes.

It is not always about you; You need to let people know that you care, that you remember….

9 – Call someone you know

We live in a world where meetings gave way for letters giving way for phone calls and then all giving way to social media…. Take a step back every day… Call one of the people we know and talk, or leave a message.. even people we don’t know.. nowadays we are also connected with folks we have never spoken to. Talk to someone today.

The power of the pen is not in the color of Ink it spills but the power of the word it spells

10 – Write Something

Every Individual has the power of the word and it has to be written.. Diary, blog anywhere, write down something that you feel… Use any tool, but write something…. express yourself in words…

I know these 10 things might not change anything drastically, or make one rich overnight or anything that many advertisements might claim but will surely make us feel better, much better every day…

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