A Personal Note to the religious butchers of this world

When will the people in our world realize that religion makes mad people out of humans; it is the stepping stone to murderous insanity and not to peace and tranquility… it is based on the philosophy that you are right and the other person is wrong…. this philosophy builds demons out of humans.

What makes us human is our ability to know the other person’s pain and plight. We feel it not because the other person is related to us or we know them. We have the ability to be compassionate, to feel pain even when we are not hurt.

The fact is simple there is no difference between being divine and being demonic, both kill humanity one is slow torture and the other is slaughter… either route death of your humanity is definite.

I am so sick and angered by the news in Iraq, Gaza and many places around us… The latest we hear is that ISIS has threatened to kill 300 Yazidi family is they do not convert to Islam

And today I want to in this blog just open my heart out to these heartless swines who dictate religious supremacy all over the world and I mean any religion.

Dear Religious butchers,
If you cannot be a human it does not matter what holyhopeless crap you are… What the F**** do you mean an Islamic state or Christian state or Hindu state… It is a human state you bastards…. I am sick and angered of your crap…. you merciless swines with irrational ideologies sit on a pile of shit and savor the vomit of your self-proclaimed religious leaders.. If you do not change you will all end up drowning in a world flooded with your own ridiculous divine diarrhea…. Wake up, Show some compassion…. Be Human…. before you claim a religion….. you cold-blooded creatures.

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