“Take Me Home” A Small movie with a big heart

take-me-homeIt is interesting that after my 4500 mile drive across the US East Coast, on returning to home sweet home I end up watching the 2011 romantic comedy film directed by and starring Sam Jaeger “Take Me Home”.

The movie stars both Sam Jaeger and his wife Amber Jaeger. It is a funny, small movie with a big heart. The story is about an aspiring young photographer who has been evicted from his NY apartment and drives an unlicensed cab for quick bucks. He meets a girl who wants him to ride her to California so she could meet her ailing dad. And so they set off in the unlicensed yellow NY cab across America.

It is fun because both Sam and Amber are excellent actors and they have a spark which is something that got transferred from their off screen connection…

Thom_and_Claire-Take-Me-HomeWhy are these simple movies important, because they instill in you the idea that hope is there, there is never a point in life when everything is lost, though many of us feel so. There is always something somewhere that we can connect with…

This is the first time I am seeing both Sam and Amber’s work and I loved it. I hope Sam and Amber make more movies together and would love to see them again.

I watched the movie with a glass of cabernet; you can choose your drink but do watch the movie. It is now available in Netflix streaming

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