A Day For A Dream – 365 Flash Fiction #56

“Are you sure that she is not with someone else this very moment…?”
She asked as he was pulling up his pants….. Their short encounters in the shady motel near her house has been going on for a long time…. but she never felt asking him before…. but now that she was introduced to his wife last month… she has started having these guilt trips every now and then.. and today she had to ask….

“Are you sure that she is not with someone else this very moment…?”
She asked again when she did not hear him reply…. He was busy dressing up…. he makes these trips straight after his scheduled meetings on Thursday when he is free from 12 Noon till 4PM….. She knew that once they are done she is the first thing that gets dropped out of his mind… his mind will be filled with his 4PM meeting…. a very dedicated professional….

Doing their encounters he has always taken time to tell her that she is the biggest stress reliever for him and he keeps his most important meeting at 4PM on thursdays…. She has never asked him what the meeting was…. They don’t talk about work… nor about their non work life….

They were just two individuals living in two planets except for these short meetings… No common friends…. No phone calls…. not facebook friends… no connections in common…. it is tough in today’s world to be so disconnected living in the same city…. but they have managed it till now…

But everything broke loose last month when she was introduced to his wife in a party…. He was not there and even now he does not know that she has met his wife…. He is still in that old world of theirs with no connections in common… but she was connected in flesh and blood with the single person who matters in their life… his wife….

These guilt trips are reflecting on the intensity and passion she tries to infuse into the meetings… but more than this she is also now being troubled throughout the week.. and last two weeks she was slightly reluctant when the Thursday comes…. when there is fear and guilt the fun will die out… and she knows it….

“Are you sure that she is not with someone else this very moment…?”
She repeated again and he turned towards her and looked at her…
She smiled….
“You really can’t handle it if she is seeing someone…. wah re mardangi…. Need a virgin and want her to be truthful to you all her life….”
He kept looking at her…
“And what am I in that case…. a slut..?….”
She smiled…. “I am ok… because I have no hangups… at least not till last few weeks… but now…..“

He looked at her not understanding what she is up to say next…..
Before he could speak she asked more questions…. She was in the mood to get her mind cleared once and for all…

“Do you wait for every Thursday or do you guys also make love….. once in a blue moon?”
He was not amused and not in mood to answer…. He moved towards the door… he took out his phone and dialed before he got out of the room…. and she could hear him talk into the phone
“Where are you?…. Are you at home?….. did you pick the kids…. I am just getting into a meeting…. talk later…. love you…”

Maybe another Thursday like this will never come again… maybe he will come here next Thursday and leave…. maybe now they will have common friends born on Facebook….

But one thing she was sure of… she knew she will not have guilt trips anymore… because she was never doing anything wrong….. She was following her heart and he was manipulating his life….

She retired on to the bed..… She had the room till next day…. she decided to spend the night there…. She closed her eyes and switched on her dream making machine… she had the whole day and night to dream….

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