The Door without a Keyhole – 365 Flash Fiction #57

I did not have the key to the door…. In fact the key is not the issue…. the door did not have a key hole…. It did not have a knob… so I presumed I had to push it to open or slide it… both did not work… and the failed attempts piled up without shame… Now you might wonder if it was a wall… it was not… I can make out the difference… it was a door but it did not have the basic accessories to make it work… It was just shut… Not sure if it was ever open…. because I have heard of doors that are built shut and never to be opened… that is the only reason I could figure for the absence of the essentials….

Now the choice was to go back to the world I know… or search for another door… some journeys end at such doors and you need to find other ways… if you want to move on… If it had a key hole I could peek in and see what is on the other side… I knew there was always two sides to the world I live… and i knew I can be outside or inside… but unless I go through a door I will never know on which side I am..…

And this element of unknown came with its pains.. Knowing that freedom might not be really what I think it is….. the belief that inside is captivity and outside is freedom…. what if the door itself is the key to the realization that captivity is outside and freedom is inside… I know it is absurd… but in some points in life absurdity is all that will make sense… because absurdity is freedom and reason makes you captive… I know you might not agree… but then agreement is against freedom…. The damn door…… I don’t think it will open any time soon… Let me go search for another one.. at least one that has a key hole… This Damn door….

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