Robin Williams – We will miss the guy who experimented on Humans with Humor

RobinWilliamsTo make people laugh is a very difficult task. And to make people both laugh and think at the same time is even more difficult. Robin Williams has made people not just laugh but also think through his memorable roles in many movies of which what comes to my mind now are Patch Adams, Dead Poet’s Society, Mrs Doubtfire and Goodwill Hunting. All his characters have explored the humor in humans.

Humor can be crude sometimes, but to make humor simple so people can laugh without guilt is not something many actors can do. If you get Robin Williams on the stage and ask him to be expressionless for a minute and then slowly bring up a smile on his face, that would be enough for the audience to burst into laugh and applause. Not many people can do that. That is what made him different. He had humor in him before his expression can connect with the people

In early 2000 we also saw him in darker movies like insomnia and “The final cut” that showed a Robin Williams who did not smile and who intentionally did not make you laugh.

Through this post I pay my respects to Robin Williams as he leaves us with so many memorable roles to remember.

Robin-Williams-2We all know that Robin William’s publicist mentioned that he was suffering from depression. This news will come as surprise to many who believe that funny people are the most happiest or at least that someone like him could be depressed. Sometimes comedy is like climbing the Everest with volcanos inside you. Volcanos that people can never see.

Though his death comes as a tragic news to all of us I am sure we all will laugh our heart out when we see his movie again today. That is what makes Robin Williams different. He has truly made his characters live on…

Robin Williams You will be missed

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