I Remember Kung Fu – 365 Flash Fiction #54

I slowly peeled back my eyelids and immediately wished I was still out for the count. All three of them were bending over me looking for me to give them some kind of response. I closed my eyes with the sudden fear of what was going to happen to me. My neck was sore probably from the blow with something hard. A few minutes passed and I could just hear some movements around me.
“So what are we going to do” Asked one guy
“I don’t know, he was the guy who did it” Said a second guy who probably was referring to the third guy.
“Aaaa yaa eeeee” came another sound
Great the one who did all this is a mute, what bunch of idiots am I to deal with now. I slowly took my hands off and saw that all three of them had moved away and probably the two who talked were trying to figure what the mute was trying to convey.

When I figured that I was slightly off their direct sight I moved behind a huge rock next to me and looked for a way to escape. It was not a happy surprise when I figured that I did not have much choice. It was the beach, may be a lonely island and I was surely being kidnapped by three weirdoes.

Just as I was about to think of other ways to escape other than running, one of the guy spotted that I was missing and shouted “where is she?” They three started running around frantically as I pulled me completely behind the rock and watched them. My neck was still sore. Before I knew I felt a hand fall slowly on my shoulder. The mute smiled at me showing his teeth. I did not have much time to think, I kicked him hard and he fell back with a thud.

The other two came running towards me and I took up a Kung fu pose, more like I was copying some Chinese movie. No idea what made me do that but that is the only reflex action that came to me.
“Why did you have to do that?” Shouted one of them
“He should not have done it we agree, but you did not have to hit him” Said the other
“What?” I asked. These three thugs are kidnapping me and I kick the guy who hit me down on the ground and these idiots say I should not have done it. What kind of weirdoes are these, I moved like they do in the kung fu movies.
“Now this is your next item?, OK I am ready” Said one of the guys himself in his mocking Kung Fu pose.
The other guy stopped him “Enough dude, She must be hurt, leave it”

The mute came running holding his groin and shouted at both of them and it was evident that he wanted me punished for what I did. As I looked around for my next chance to escape one of the guys slapped the mute and said

“You are a total idiot dude, how can you go and hit her like that on the neck, she was unconscious for a whole hour. What would you tell her mom if something had happened?”
“But she asked him to, she wanted him to hit her hard, She was about to show us the new move she learned at her Kung Fu class”
“Kung Fu class?” What is happening here, I started looking at three of them, do I know them, do they know me?

One of the guys woke me up from my thoughts and said “Leila, let’s go, seems like you will need some first aid on your neck, don’t tell you mom that this mute did it, he will get bashed by his dad.”
He held her hand “Tell them you fell down, we are a team right?”
As we four walked I kept looking at them to catch some memory of who I was and who they were, but I knew that it was futile…

I still don’t remember anything before that day but in a few months I was able to get used to everyone, I now live it like a new life with no memory of my past life. For the whole world around me nothing was new, it was the same person they know who just had a fall.

But for me, I had started a whole new life, just like being born at the age of sixteen which is what they said I was. Weird, the more I think I feel I am dreaming, my past is not what I remember but what I constructed from the fragments of images, pictures, videos and writing that was available. Also I learned the way to intelligently discuss about my past and get to know what happened before that day.

I still feel I might get caught one day, but I am twenty now and I am good friends with the trio, I am getting better every day Life is good, But very weird…