The Shades I see – Inspired by Novex’s Mad Brush with Life

Novex's Psychedelia

Novex Alex’s Psychedelia – Painted using iPad ‘Brushes’ app using a torn Wacom stylus

My dear friend Novex expressed ‘Psychedelia’ with his untamed brush strokes; He then committed the gravest of crimes a crime only committed by those who share the same brutal madness He tagged me in it….. I looked at it for more than a minute, felt something trying to jump out of me…. I forced it in so it could get stronger and then I let it go….. It splashed all over the keyboard and the screen and my face I closed my eyes and opened my heart as it screamed freedom… Here it is…..

The shades I see
Your existence cannot see
the edge where I stand,
so you cannot experience what I see….
You are searching for eyes in the darkness,
when you should be searching for sight…
A face full of eyes is weird looking,
you should know that…
You are trying to immortalize blinded hearts
and that is an abnormal state…..
so let me give you my sight
go see the world as I see it,
as I love it,
no color can beat the shades I see
for the first time feel those shades
that sharpen blades
Don’t worry;
I won’t be blind
I can see with my heart
even when it bleeds w
ay better when it bleeds…..
But I have a long due trip to make….
a trip I had buried in the speed of life
So I am going to take the wheel and
rolling the madness of the road into a fire ball
I will hurl it at the first star I see
and follow its course….
You can see me……
look deep into the darkness,
and in my shades you can see my face….
I will wait for you
in a faceless future
where time will sleep with space
to give birth to new dimensions
look into the darkness,
and in my shades
you can see my face….

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