Kailash Kher’s music connects your heart with what your eyes presents to you

IMG_2827Those who have listened to Kailash once will say, the voice and singing style is so unique that there is something that cannot be imitated; and they are 100% right about it.

Here is a voice that renders a magic that will wake us from every unconscious existence. …., Kailash Kher gave us yesteryear soulfulness that beats to the rhythms of today….. And for someone seeing his live performance they will know that beyond the Voice, beyond the music, there is a performer. A performer so down to earth that he makes you the audience feel like a celebrities

When I met him yesterday I told him that we have seen many stars high up in the sky twinkling at us; but there are very few stars who walk, talk and shine along with us on the earth.

Our eyes see a lot of things in a life time, much of which never get registered because they don’t  come up in our priority list, but if we look at the world with a wide open heart we can see things that are not always visually accessible. that is what Kailash’s music does to you; It opens your heart…

KailashJust like his songs he also has a philosophical bend. I would even say there is a comic streak to his philosophy that makes people want to listen to him… not just his music but also what he talks…

In his smile, in the way he presents himself you can see the struggles that his life has taken him through to make him who he is today. No wonder, he does not fly even with the wings he has created, because he remembers the days his feet took him forward everyday and probably that is why he prefers to walk with you rather than fly up and wave at you…

Kailash, You are an amazing singer and an Amazing human being… and you have a great band. A big Thanks to the amazing performances of the entire team of Kailasa band Paresh Kamath, Naresh Kamath, Jose Neil Gomes, Tapas Roy, Sameer Chiplunkar, Kurt Peters and Sanket Naik

A memorizing evening that itself was a music that can be played on all chords of your life for a very long time.

And Thanks AAA Entertainment and Jai Entertainment for bring him to Bay Area; And Radio Zindagi for promoting this excellent concert


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