Into The Storm with my 7 year old

Into The stormOur 7 year old has been obsessed with Tornadoes and hurricanes for about 6 months now, watching you tube videos, reading books, and talking to people about it… But I was not sure if a movie on storms he was ready for.  The graphical stuff in movies that shows the devastation in epic proportions might instil a fear rather than an interest and more over I was not sure if he will sit through the entire movie. But anyway I showed him the trailer and looked at his reaction and he seemed ready for it… he even identified something as a firenadoe (if that is how it spells), I did not know that there was something like that…

We took the early morning show and he sat through the entire thing. I am not sure if I would have seen the movie if it was not for his interest, because both me and our 15 year old were leaning towards Lucy. But the decision was not bad. The movie is good, excellent special effects, not much scope for acting… there were lot of things you will find stupid and difficult to believe, but no one was looking for a documentary, though the filming did have a docu touch.

I am not sure if I would write a post for this movie, if it was not for his presence that made the viewing very special. The interesting thing to me is this is possibly the first non-animation movie that both me and my 7 year old sat through together. I was watching him during the movie and saw him so hooked up to it, being able to relate to the visuals. He has agreed to watch Lucy with us as well… The guy is growing up….

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