Varun Pruthi – A Film Awakener making people Hear, See, Think, Respond & Act

Varun PruthiVisuals and Sound have a big impact on people; A horror movie can make a person shut their eyes; A loud scream can make them shut their ears. But how do you deal with people who live and walk blind and deaf towards what is happening around them. How do you make them use their eyes, ears and heart and overcome the bystander effect.

Varun Pruthi the young Movie maker, whom I would refer as a ‘Film Awakener’ like many others make movies to wake up people from their forced and may be even a subconscious sleep, to help them beat and overcome their subhuman and indifferent existence.

I do not know Varun, I have not seen his video before, I do not know what his aspirations in movie industry is, but I happen to watch a few of his shorts today, primarily some of the social experiments that he painted with his camera. And wanted to write a post to appreciate him and his work.

One film was about how people stand like stones as two girls get harassed in public; and how one guy stands up against it. Someone who is made of a different element than the shit the rest of the public is made of. He shows that it needs guts to be human.

Another one is where people fail to help a guy bleeding from an accident and there by participating in his death on the streets. A social experiment that proved how indifferent, uncaring, cold and silent souled people have become.

There are more videos and you can watch him here and do like and share them if you feel you can connect.

What is interesting is people see and hear but cannot act, this is not just with India but in many places of the world. People do not interfere, they separate their issues with the issues in the world. they feel immune to everything as they live in their false and pointless achievements.

I am not sure if it is an after effect of media itself. So much time viewing the TV and computer screens with make believe games and programs that the reality becomes fractured; a feeling grows that they can switch off any reality and come back later with something fun, just like any game or TV show…

The films Varun makes (and many other people as I know) will enable people to think, respond and act.

Kudos Varun for making these movies. Keep doing what you are doing.. Make people question themselves; Will they respond, or will they fail being a human and just stand on the side and watch. Are they really alive or Dead….

Here is one of the Videos –  The Bleed to Death Experiment

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4 replies

  1. It was really shocking humanity is gone


  3. Varun You r a True Hero … God bless keep helping

  4. Mr.Varun Pruthi, hads off to you!!!
    You are a real hero and inspiration not only for me but also for all people who know about you throught the world…
    I haven’t seen any person before like you!
    First time i saw you at facebook you were helping a old grandfather from that time i thought that i will be like him not as a copy of you i want to be more than you i meant that i want to do more helps than you!!
    well may my dream come true and yours too…

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