To my kids on their first day of school in 2014


A new year comes with new expectations,  new responsibilities, new teachers, new friends… There will be glimpses of life from last year, there will even be opportunities from next year that will force itself into this one and above all there is a lot of new things to learn. And here is what I got to tell to both of you

You are a second grader now. I know you started school last year, but this year is different. Last year you stepped into the school not knowing what to expect. This year you step in knowing a few things. You would also have started building certain perceptions of things around you.

What is important is that ‘what you know’ should not  stop you from learning’ what you do not know’. This is not just for second grade but for every grade, not even for schooling but your whole life. Even at this age I struggle to fight with ‘what I know’ and ‘what I think I know’ from impeding with my prospects of learning.

No I am not asking you to forget what you know. But to open yourself more and more as every knowledge fills into you.

Wishing you a great year ahead

You are moving closer towards the last leg of your schooling before you hit the college. Tenth grade is a great time, because the sense of being on your own dawns on you more than before. You are one of the most responsible and loving kid I have seen. Not because you are my daughter, but because you are who you are.

I know you have a lot of goals for this year, some that you have set for yourself and of course a few that we have forced on you. Well parenting is not easy, and I think you get it. But you make it a wonderful experience for both of us.

I will repeat what I told Rahi above because, I think in education and in life it is very important “to open yourself more and more as every knowledge fills into you”

Read more, Write more, see, hear, experience, think, respond, act, love, sing, dance and live a great year.

With love

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