Radio Zindagi Turns 3

RZ-BannersSFThere are things in life that become so inseparable from you because your day starts and ends with it; mostly it is people, your family, friends, and then routines and at times emotions and a sense of realizing who you are…. One such inseparable entity for the San Francisco Bay Area south asian community is Radio Zindagi…..

With their slogan “Jiye Ja” Radio Zindagi has brought people together to make a family…. connecting the chords between even those people who do not know each other, telling them that if they look back they all have the same roots…. and branching out just made that roots stronger….

There is always a void in a pravasi’s life that grows with time; a longing to be back home, to go back in time, before you boarded that first flight… And Radio Zindagi for the last three years has filled that void by bringing back every moment of that lost time to the people in bay area…

Through Radio Zindagi people in our community have met, connected, performed and entertained like never before….. and there will be many more to come…. there is now a home far away from home…

Three years ago people missed something in their lives, probably not many realized what it was, but today you ask them and they will tell you, yes it was Radio Zindagi…. they had missed Radio Zindagi even before it was born three years ago…. that is how inseparable it is to us now….

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to the Radio Zindagi Team and a wonderful year ahead…. Jiye Ja….

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