Debugging A Fortune Cookie Message

Fortune CookieHere is the image of a message I picked up from the fortune cookie during my Lunch…

This Fortune Cookie message is a Japanese Proverb Nanakorobi yaoki which literally means, “Fall seven times and stand up eight”…. But I have no clue what the 7 times signifies,  I have heard about the seven deadly sins,  so does each failure signify a sin…. may be not, because it is a Japanese Proverb…

But a few things are clear to me….

  1. Never break your legs when you fall, because it is always tough to stand up with broken legs. So stay well padded. ..
  2. Don’t fly so high that a fall has the impact to maim you;
  3. Keep your feet well grounded on mother earth; her lap is not as soft and cushioned as your own mother’s. …
  4. It is not a sin to fail, it is a privilege. .. only the real players get it
  5. A failure signifies that you have not been a mere spectator in the game of life.
  6. 7 times signifies nothing, you have the right to fail more than that…..
  7. If an eighth time miracle does not happen to you, don’t lose hope, because a life spent moving from failure to failure without achieving much success yet not losing hope is a life fully lived. ….. And more commendable. …
  8. What is important is not what you have achieved, but what is going to be your attitude towards achievement and non-achievement in the future. …. And that is an important thing in defining who you are. …

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