Today is Teachers Day in India – Sep 5 2014


Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Today is Teachers day in India, the place I went to school…. I had written a malayalam piece last year and this year I have its english translation as well… Since 1962 in India Teachers Day is celebrated on birth day of Dr. Saravepalli Radhakrishnan, the Indian philosopher and statesman who was also the first Vice President and the second president of India….

I wish to thank all my teachers in school and outside who have taught me even things that I was so bad at learning

Teachers Day
Every Year I remember
three teachers in my life
One teacher taught me poetry,
just like mathematics
not pretty…. and without life
Another teacher taught me
mathematics…. just like poetry
She taught me how to understand
mathematics more closely and prettier
than poetry, that too by just adding,
subtracting, dividing and multiplying
I also remember the teacher who
taught me language… and through
language he taught me life, how to
escape without getting caught
in the web of religion and belief systems
and always live as just a human being….

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