Peruchazhi Malayalam Movie Review

PeruchazhiWatched Peruchazhi over the weekend. I am slightly biased as it is different to watch a movie for which you had visited the sets….  And Peruchazhi as a movie will always have a special place in my heart because the movie gave me the opportunity to meet the legend Mohan Lal himself….

But I will try giving a very honest opinion of the movie… Here you go

  1. Firstly my kids were roaring with laughter during the first 40 minutes of the movie; and I too enjoyed that much because, though the jokes are not in anyway classy, it was not all that messy…..
  2. The scene where Baburaj tries to eat the towel in the airplane is what I find as the most humorous….. I give credit to Aju in that because the humor seemed to come more natural to Aju, than for Baburaj
  3. Before the start of the movie they mentioned that you need to keep you logic aside; that is understood, but there is a small difference between “lack of logic” and stupidity… the sad part is there was more than one instance of utter stupidity in the movie and these could have been avoided…
  4. The scene of blasting the truck in LA with a dialogue that we need to leave all traces of evidence was utter stupidity because, how can you expect to digest that someone explodes a truck and no one gets to know, especially when the truck is the one that carried the ballot of a rigged election.. that was a totally unwanted and irrelevant scene, if they could have left it there without that blast it would have gelled with the rest “lack of logic” disclaimer
  5. The theme of hiring a political consultant from Kerala to help in California Governor election is simply splendid, and the movie had so much more potential than what was delivered
  6. The american flag mundu was expected and I am sure many hardcore Lalettan fans would have really loved it….. I personally liked that scene…. and I am sure all lalettan fans would have
  7. The picturization of the first meeting of kory and jagannadhan was one other scene that I liked the way it was presented
  8. The scene of Lalettan saving the kid from the car also seemed so cliche and unwanted…..
  9. If it was a 90 minutes movie it would have been better
  10. From the movie house that brought Friday and Monkey Pen I had an expectation of something more, even if it was not planned as being logical.

Malayalees are capable of much more classy comedy even if you don’t want to leave the “lack of logic” territory. I hope the next Friday House movie will put back the logic that was taken out and kept aside…

But again movie production is about commercial viability and that is the only logic that should be considered… As a viewer who just payed $10 to watch a film, we can talk as much as we want 🙂 because our loss is only $10 and I think for me it was worth, because this is the first time my 7 year old was seen laughing seeing a malayalam movie


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