A Flower’s Onam

Making it to the flower carpet is always a struggle for every flower. It is more luck than struggle. Yes the prettier make it in easily, but it is not just how pretty; you have to be the right size and color so you fit into it just well. You might look great alone but you need to look good along with others, that is what is important… it is all about a team and the right team

If you don’t make it to the carpet; damaged during picking or as became an overcrowd you would be put aside to go straight to the trashbin. Now you might be a rare pick, to be the chosen one for the centerpiece of many carpets. But people like choices so you will be one among a few destined for the honor and will have to click your luck. This also means you have a higher chance to hit the trash than the carpet compared to common flowers.. So rarity does not define a successful destiny….

But there is nothing to grieve about once you reach the trash, You just need to wait for less than 24 hours till the next day morning when your lucky friends will also accompany you… then your pilgrimage starts giving every single bit of yourself back to mother earth that made you….

As a flower your life is complete in all sense you gave people all the love you had, made them feel special, and above all you were a true team player… very much unlike the humans who think they have they made the best flower carpet out of you….

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