Remembering Raaj Kumar – The King of Dialogue Delivery

Raaj KumarI have always loved watching Raaj Kumar; it was probably his dialogue delivery…. It always felt that the dialogues would all lose its life if delivered by someone else.

There are two type of actors; one type would fit into any role, flexible to the core. And the other type has such a towering presence and personality on and off screen that the characters start playing the actor. Raaj Kumar was  the latter… he defined the characters…  He made the characters unimaginable if we think of it being played by another actor…

Check this footage of an interview with him, he speaks the way he does in movies too…. he says he has heard that Amir is a good actor and mind you Raaj ji died in 1996, much before Lagaan or any of Aamir’s renowned movies came on the screen. Also his interview is as fascinating to listen as his dialogues, very strong willed, clear, precise, and confident….

We all know that a Raaj Kumar blog post is incomplete without some of his dialogues and here are few from his movies….. I am not putting the English translation as it will not do justice to the actor or the dialogue writer….

“Jaani…. Hum tumhe maarenge, aur zaroor maarenge … lekin woh bandook bhi hamari hogi, goli bhi hamari hogi aur waqt bhi hamara hoga”

“Hum aankhon se soorma nahin churate … hum aankhen hi chura lete hain”

“Khaash ke tumne hum mein aawaaz di hoti … toh hum maut ki neend se uthkar chale aate”

“Hum tumhe woh maut denge … joh na to kisi kanoon ki kitaab mein likhi hogi … aur naahi kabhi kisi mujrim ne soochi hogi”

“Hum tumhe aisi maut maarenge … tumhari aane waali nasalon ki neend bhi uss maut ke khauf se udh jayegi”

“Hum kutton se baat nahin karte!”

“Jinke apne ghar sheeshay ke hoon … woh doosro par patthar nahi phenka karte”

“Basakar dilon ko mittati hai duniya … hasakar hamesha rulati hai duniya”

“Hum apne kadmo ki aahat se hawa ka rukh badal dete hai”

“Apna toh ussool hai … pehle mulaqat, phir baat, aur phir agar zaroorat pare toh laat”

“Jab sar par burre din mandraate hai … toh zabaan lambi ho jaati hai”

“Chinai Seth, chhuri bachchon ke khelne kee cheez nahin hoti, haath kat jaye to khoon nikal aata hai.”

“Aapke paon dekhe. Bahut haseen hain. Inhe zameen pe mat utariyega. Maile ho jaayenge”

“Hum ko mita sake yeh Zamaane mein dum naheen. Humse zamaana khud hai, zamaane se hum naheen”

“Khudhi ko kar buland itna, ki har taqdeer se pehele, khuda bande se khud puche, bata tere raza kya hai”

“Sher ko saanp aur bichoo kaata nahin kart, door hi door se rhengte hue nikal jaate hai”

“Haq hamesha sar jhukake nahin, sar uthake maanga jaata hai”

“Jab Rajeshwar dosti nibhata hai, toh afsaane likhe jaate hai, aur jab dushmani karta hai, toh tarikh ban jaati hai”

“Joh bhaari nah ho … woh dushmani hi kya”

But again beyond dialogues, how can one forget Salim Khan of Pakeezah and Dr. Susheel Kumar of Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai… movies that made his rigidness so flexible…. In just over 60 movies Raaj Kumar has carved a space in all our minds…. a space in bollywood that will never be filled by anyone…..

Here are some more for you Public Police

And Bulundi

And Waqt




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