Another Thing About Love – 365 Flash Fiction #60

“Love is a very scary thing” He said….. “I guess the only thing scarier than it is Life”
“Life….?” She asked
“yes Life….” he said and closed his eyes. She had opened her eyes after she asked that question.

A short talk after every love making had become a habit. And most discussions do not reach anywhere; they are mostly fillers between the orgasm and the sleep. And since there is nothing more important than an orgasm she does not remember every single topic that was there.

“Life..?” She asked again “Why Life…? Why is life so scary…?”

“Do you get why Love is scary…?” He asked back
In fact she did not, she did not know why love was scary, lack of love can be scary, the fear of losing love can be scary, but why should love by itself be scary….
“No I don’t get why love is scary……” she said

“then don’t bother about life….. because even one life is not enough for love….” He giggled an she understood he was pulling her leg…… but she was not ready to fall into his trap this night….. she was stern.

“No I need to know…. You always say these weird things and go to sleep and I spend half night thinking about it and when I get to sleep you start snoring, this is so stupid…. Today you cannot escape…. Tell me….”

She got up and stared at him. He still had his eyes closed and that unbearable irritating open ended smile…. She hated him for this…
“OK…” He said
“OK what…..?”
“OK I will tell you what I had in mind” he said and continued “No two loves are same, though people in love always think love is the same for everyone, when it is not…. Don’t you think that is scary, how do people really manage expectations…… it is like crossing a highway blind.”
She looked at him and again lied down next to him…

“But when you look at life, damn it is so much more scary, no two lives are the same, but we miss that point, we talk to others as if they are really living our life where as they have their own life, that is more scary, because you can live without life, but without life you have nothing….. it is the most scary thing I should say” He stopped after he said that, probably checking if she had anything to say….

He waited for a while and then opened his eyes and turned and looked at her… she was fast asleep
“Wow, it is really scary, that I never understand both love and Life…..” He said and hugged her and slept…. Another day, another life and another thing about love…..

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