Child Prodigy Mandolin U Srinivas No More; Dies at 45

Mandolin SrinivasI remember first hearing Mandolin Srinivas on Dooradarshan TV in India…. then his concert used to be telecasted quite often…. being of the same age group I always wondered how a kid my age could master music at such a level to sit next to other stalwarts of the field and play…… At that time I did not know that a word called prodigy existed…… that was how young he was when he started playing

Then over years I have heard him play on TV, Radio, Tape and CD, never seen him playing live…. today when I heard that he is no more, a very untimely death due to liver failure, it is tough to believe…

I pay my respects to a wonderful artist and sharing two of his videos, one when he was a kid and other when he was young….. the fact is he will always remain young….

It will not be an overstatement if I say that the face of Indian Mandolin was this young man –  Mandolin Srinivas…. his  Mandolin has gone silent forever…… but the music will play on….

Here is a video of one of his early performances

Here is another one……

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