‘The Fall’ was my latest elliptical series

The-Fall-BBCI have never been that hooked to TV serials and the only one I saw hooked up and back to back was Kevin Spacey’s Netflix Original “House of Cards” …. I love thrillers and intense dramas and having a streaming account does not give a lot of English Language options (at least for my taste) that can keep me wanting to watch….

But it is also true that I have also seen a lot of movies on Netflix that I would not have seen otherwise…. I use my account primarily to satisfy my foreign language addiction….. But then now I have all these TV shows which I was not considering for a long…. And that is great….

Moreover I use it during my 30 minutes elliptical sessions and TV series works best for that… does not take much time either and I can keep watching for a while, not worrying what to watch next…. Also Foreign movies are not the best in elliptical when you have to also read the subtitles… So these series on elliptical is working really great….

I just finished ‘The Fall’. ‘The Fall’ is an interesting investigative crime drama…. An Irish-British television series created by Allan Cubitt and directed by Jakob Verbruggen. The movie has Gillian Anderson (X-Files) as Stella Gibson, a senior police officer investigating a string of murders in Belfast, Northern Ireland…. I have always enjoyed Gillian in X-Files and it is nice to watch her again…

The movie also stars Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector, a serial killer on whose trail the Belfast police headed by Gillian travels throughout the series…

Actively waiting for the next season as Paul Spector is still at large….

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