Denzel Washington’s Equalizer – Review

EqualizerThe problem with Equalizer is that it is a very easy to forget movie. Denzel Washington is always a treat to watch, and your expectation is also more…. For actors of the stature as Denzel, it is not just their performance that the viewers keep expectation on, it is also the kind of movies they choose to act.

The movie is not a bad one, I enjoyed through it, but I will forget about this movie soon…. the story line I felt was weak, it was riding on the often used theme of the protagonist having a fiery past that comes in contact with the present and the turn of events it unfolds.

The thing I liked about the movie is that the movie has a pace that seems both slow and fast…. there is a lot of violence and so not recommended for kids…  I don’t consider this is a must see movie, unless you are a Denzel fan like me. I have not yet seen Liam Neeson’s new release, hope to do that tomorrow….

The movie does use some of Denzel’s intense acting though Denzel has more to offer than what this movie can rise up to….

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