The Value of Life – 365 Flash Fiction #61

No one was sure if his absence will be felt throughout the office…. But People came in the morning and shared the message with each other. There were many who did not hear the news. It came as a shock to them. There were even a few who looked as if that they would cry. He had been working with them for last 10 years.

“He was very well liked………. He was always there to help his colleagues and his subordinates…… his managers always could bank on him” said the director during the get together they had arranged.

People were more worried when they thought that this could happen to them. Anyone of them could have been in his place. Someone also mentioned that death comes when most unexpected. This made many people look around as if it would be dressed up and sitting in the same room…

Death for everyone was a fact and it became a reality that day. He sat in his desk trying to digest the fact as to how someone just disappears from the face of earth… the talk, the smile, the tears all washed away in a moment. He imagined his own special day when ever that will be… Will he be working in the same office, or would he have moved on.

He had arranged a meeting at 10 AM and he was thinking if he had to cancel it or go into it. It was a crucial meeting and he knew he had got everyone in the calendar. He decided not to cancel it. He got up from his desk and walked towards the conference room. The room already had few of the people invited for the meeting. All pretty sad, and made him feel that he should have cancelled the meeting. But death is inevitable life should move on. He had learned that before he joined this job, before he got introduced to the deceased. He was going to hold on to that… even if it means being inconsiderate…. the dead will take care of the dead, the living need to live…..

He looked at those who were in the meeting and started “Virginia Wolf once said that someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more……….”

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