An Open letter to Subramanian swamy – Your FB post from Nov 2013

Dear Mr. Swamy,

Today I  saw someone share a post you shared, a snippet from the independent that details the various strata of the Dubai society…. And Images of the Dubai’s underclass that have shed sweat and tears to build the big buildings but still live like captives in the desert…. cramped into transportation trucks and small rooms….

I am wondering why you shared this; is it because you have a solution, or just for public awareness or was it to get a “Oh my god” response from people or just to gain likes in your page and shares……

Swamy DubaiBecause this issue is not new (should definitely not be new for you) it has been there for decades, even much before the Burj khalifa pictured in your photo was build… It is not an issue just in Dubai for that matter, it is there is almost every middle eastern country where Indians or Pakistanis or Bangladeshi’s go as laborers….

Some places it is worse than in Dubai…. In Dubai and may be in Oman if you know there are more Indians in positions so high to make a difference to these practice, but still it goes on….

Share such things only if you are going to do something about it… if not you are ridiculing and mocking the people who work there day and night and send money to India so folks back home can have a better education, better facilities and a better shot at life…..

What is needed in these issues is not awareness but action, diplomatic interference… minimum wage schemes….. Ban of the rules by which the employers  in these countries confiscate the passports of foreigners so they can dictate the terms of engagement….

You might also know that your sponsor is called Arbab, which translates as ‘Master’… how more degrading can human life be…..

Mr. Swamy, Isn’t the Indian passport the property of the Indian government? If so how can someone or an institution in the foreign country take it from the citizen and push him into forced labor…. Doesn’t that make it illegal…?

What are we going to do about it…… I see you shared this in Nov 2013, and now you have more than hundred Thousand likes and shares…… Your government even came to power in India… Is the situation still same or you have been able to make any change……?

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