Interstellar is not a movie about the space and time, but a movie about our Earth and our time on it

jJPlktYI am not a big Sci-fi fan but at times there has been been a spur of galactic love in me that has prompted me to watch sci-fi. But some movies I watch because that is the most happening in the movie world. That was the case with Gravity and now with Interstellar….. it is the happening movie and I had to see it…..

I think interstellar gives Nolan a much wider canvas to tell a story than what Alfonso had for Gravity and Nolan has used the canvas very well except for few things where astronauts being explained about worm hole like they were novices. But I get it the movie tries communicating with the audience not with the astronaut community

interstellar-photos-pictures-stillsWhy do I say it is not about the space but about our earth. May be it is because I am not a Sci-fi fan and I see what I like to see… I also feel it is because man cannot rise above his connection with his home even if he goes very far away, he in turn becomes more connected. So while the movie happens in the space, it is about the earth…

Extinction, that is a word that we have heard much…. we have heard of species that have gone extinct, some even in our lifetime though we might not have sen them…. Many of us have seen species that we know is endangered and could go extinct if we do not do anything….. But what about us… But What about extinction of the human species… often the word extinction brings in front of us the picture of dinosaurs, some catastrophic even happening and the entire species being wiped out….. but what if extinction happens as a slow process and we have a calculated time when it will happen and the fact that it will happen during the lifetime of some of our most loved ones…. The cards change, the play changes, the bets change…….. for me that is the simple premise of Interstellar….

interstellar-starring-matthew-mcconaughey-and-anne-hathawayI wont tell the story but ask you to watch it…… the movie should help you look at our world differently…. Sci-fi movies are not made so they can give insights to scientists and astronauts and help them in finding solutions to the most bewildering space and time questions….. Interstellar is also not done for that… but it does spread its imagination through the pastures of fact to make a nice sci-fi movie…

The movie takes a deep look at what it means to be alone and hopeless and how a ray of hope changes things.. it takes us through the thoughts of people when they need people to be with them even if it means their situation will not change… what does the movie leave us, or what should it leave us with…. well a few questions I guess…. What is important to us? why do we do what we do? what impact does it have on the world we live? Will we see a time when damages become irreversible? what will we do then? these are the questions that the movie should leave you with…..

I would highly recommend the movie…. On a lighter note, someone saw Gravity and watching Sandra bullock move from one space capsule to another many times over the movie, they said it was so boring like changing rooms in a hotel…. people take what they want to take from what they see…. even for them interstellar is an exciting watch 🙂

Interstellar has Michael Caine one of my all time favorites… it has Mathew MacConaughey and Anne Hathaway with enough opportunity to act and they did extremely well….. I loved the movie, the way the Nolans (Jonathan and Christopher) has conceived and presented to us…. But for me Interstellar is not a movie about space and time but about our earth and our time in it…. I will savor its spices into me for a long time, just like I do many other movies…..

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  1. Vinod.. your posts have been interesting

    The wormhole, tesseract and other concepts were intriguing. The 5 th dimension and time wrap will take some time to digest.. complex .. did not enjoy 😉 maybe like inception need a few more watches…

    • Santhosh… That for the comment… there is more to think I agree…. I loved the movie, and I tried to keep science away from my review primarily because much of it I did not understand :)…. even the little bit I understood, I realized it is so minuscule when I heard people comment and review the science of interstellar and the complexities…. Bottom line after the movie I am having this growing feeling that I am an idiot when it comes to science… 🙂 yes we need to watch it more

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