The Week Go By

Week Go byEveryday
Is not Monday
we have Tuesdays

Note: That was a Haiku I wrote today, but then based on the comments I decided to expand on that for the whole week 🙂 and here it is

Is not Monday
we have Tuesdays
and Tuesdays get busy because
there is the realization
of a whole week ahead
Wednesdays just around 12 Noon,
you have no world other than work
there is not much for small talk
not much time for thoughts either;
but Wednesday evenings are like
You are on top of the mountain
but it is also getting time to descend
Thursday is mostly a run
much fast paced, lot gets done
Fridays need to be free
and come Friday
it is just a day short of weekend
or even start of the weekend for some…
‘so what are the plans?’
that is the obvious question….
Saturday and Sunday just skip away
And Monday starts again
Before you know….
But you know one thing
Every day
is not Monday
We have Tuesdays…..

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