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Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.41.22 PMIndian Poetry is unique because of the diverse language and culture that flows into it. So one can only imagine how colorful it will be when the same Indian poetry comes out in english.

When the fingers that type away millions of lines of code to build, run and maintain large software systems start writing poetry, it could make worlds across time barriers fuse. Not just that, there are many more poetic fingers in India that do not type code, but use english as their first language and have grown up experiencing regional language poetry. And that would be a combination that the world can watch with awe.

Though Indian Poetry have been around for a very long time, Indian English Poetry is quite new and more and more poets are embarking on that genre. So I always keep searching Indian poetry and Indian english poetry on Google, Facebook and twitter to see what new is happening. I did so today and came upon this unique concept or project ‘The Great Indian Poetry Collective’ .

The Great Indian Poetry Collective is an ambitious project trying to bring new Indian poetry voices to the world and they have started a Crowd funding initiative in indiegogo. They are looking at raising funds to reach their target by December 19th. It was nice to stumble upon them today and so have some time to promote them. Donation is one part, promotion is another. Once my donation part was over, I thought it is important to blog about it….

So Please go to the Great Indian Poetry Collective Crowd funding Indiegogo page and do what you can to help this project.  I would really appreciate it.

Why is the Great Indian Poetry Collective important. And this is my take….

English is a language that is widely used and popular in the country and the command of the language among Indians is enviably good. But still English Poetry by Indian poets is still in its nascent stage.

First Book Launched

First Book Launched

The interests of the poetry readers in india has been quite vast with major works of english poets taught in schools and the poems of south american poets like Neruda and Paz often very popularly read as part of education and otherwise. There has also been volumes of world poems translated by renowned regional poets to their respective Indian languages….. Indians who do not use english have also been well aware of world poetry.

The skill of Poetry is also deep rooted in Indian culture dating back to the ancient times where verses were a popular way of communication. Also over the years poetry has transformed itself separately in various languages and every language contributing to an array of poetic styles that adds to India’s poetic heritage.

Now for the big question that always bewildered me; The command on English language, the depth of poetry reading and the long heritage in poetry should naturally put the Indian writers in a unique position to produce much more Indian English poetry than it has. But the fact is it did not happen. Why is that?

Second Book Launched

Second Book Launched

I am not sure if it is because the poets did not attempt to write in english or they preferred to stick to the local languages. Or did people feel that an english poem from an Indian perspective did not find a place of its own in the poetry shelves. Well if there is no space then that is the opportunity that should be explored.

Over the past few years English prose by Indian writers have gained a lot of popularity within India and outside and so natural poetry should be next step. I always thought something like this would come and so happy to see it today.

And for all the reasons above this project ‘The Great Indian Poetry Collective’ is a very important initiative because what would come out of this project would be thoughts and styles that could be unread of before. It would be a great time for poetry lovers to experience this. I look forward to the group to unravel a whole new genre in world poetry ‘The Indian English Poetry’

I wish all the best to Minal, Shikha and Ellen who are the founders of this project and look forward to reading the voices they bring out soon

So friends please donate generously so they can make this project a great success…

Vinod Narayan

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