When you see Black and White Rainbows

Double RainbowsThere are black and white rainbows
on a clear sky; I know it is weird
but truth is always weird to the listener
Then it starts raining and
the raindrops from the skies become
little girls and slide on these black and white
rainbows with their flowered skirts waving
at the cloud animals.

I step out of my power lost home and
sit in the arm chair that I had bought from
an italian lady who was selling her stuff
to pay for her daughter’s tuition fee.

When I paid her she had told me that her
late husband used to sit on it and sip
his tea and talk about all the wonderful
things happening in the skies as she was
making pasta in the kitchen.
She promised I would love it.

The arm chair was the place where I too
looked at the skies just like the lady told me.
Every time I do that I get a call on my phone
often from that same friend who left me mid way
in my adolescence and stopped growing.

Some friends are like that they leave you
at a certain age and wait for you there, alone.
so you can go back to them when you want
especially when the rain comes.
because rains have the power to enrich
reality with the liveliness of imagination

Sipping a cup of herbal tea and looking up
at the skies tells me a few things about time.
It tells me that time has passed but not over.
It tells me that I can always return to those stagnant
points in time and pick up life from there,
just where I left them.

I take a sip and call back my friend and
look up at the skies.
The black and white rainbows were now gone,
the raindrops are no more little girls
they have become a huge digital canvas
in which I could see my friend holding a Phone

I say ‘Hello’… and
he replies ‘It has been a long time’
I say yes and he tells me;
whenever you have black and white rainbows
in your life, come here and look at it
life will roll back to you in its colorful self again
I say ‘Thank You my friend’ and I hang the phone
The rain started pouring as if nothing happened.

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