A Lingaa review just for Rajini Fans – Why we should say Bad when something is Bad?

LingaaI was not planning for this blogpost and restricted myself to a FB post but seeing the comments of people I feel this topic deserves a full blog post. First of all I am a Rajini Fan and that is the main reason why it is important for me to say something is ‘Bad when it is Bad’. Because correcting that and seeing him in more of his performances is something I wish for…

No one is above criticism or failure Not even Rajinikanth

When Rajini turned 64 I read a tweet “Happy Birthday 64 for turning Rajinikanth today”… Well we all have read similar pieces and love it. But we never believe it. It is just a way for us to celebrate the way someone can start at such humble beginnings and reach to the such heights and yet be so humble in everything he does and says… That is Rajinikanth for me…. Everything else comes next…. But I know there is an end to everything in its current form, Failure is a fact and change is the only thing that one can embrace to achieve eternity. Being able to criticize Rajini movies and telling ‘bad is bad when I feel it is bad’ and knowing that Rajini will appreciate it is what I think makes me a fan of Rajinikanth.

RajiniI cannot connect with anything or anybody being raised to a pedestal of no mistakes and super human presence….. Some blockheads do that and that only ruins the image of a person, and actor… For me Rajinikanth is very real and so is his movies, but not his characters…. They are performances, roles and stories that is not just Rajinikanth and the whole establishment of movie making. Mistakes happen in movie making and associating with Rajinikanth and just having him in the movie does not take away that erring nature of humans; does not help them be superhuman. So there is nothing wrong if a bad movie comes and it has Rajinikanth in it. It does not disturb world order in anyway. Lingaa is one such bad movie in my opinion. Sad, but that is how I felt.

So to the fans of Rajini; you can disagree with my opinion but never deny anyone’s right to an opinion. Simple… hero worship is not love, it is a form of captivity 🙂 Some love it some feel suffocated.

Anushka and SonakshiAnushka and Sonakshi compete to prove incompetence

Sonakshi for me is the show piece for Bollywood remakes of south Indian movies. So it is natural having her in Lingaa. I don’t know about Anushka. But both in my opinion compete to prove who is more incompetent in acting than the other.  My issue is not that they are too young for Rajini saar, because in fact he looked way cooler than them.. But the fact that they can’t act and add no value what so ever to the movie… People should be more considerate who you bring to act with Rajini because they need to be able to keep up to the magic he creates (or his fans like me expect) on the screen. I felt both the ladies failed miserably and just floated around. Unless that is the expectation from them……not t act and just be there in the screen…. But for their wellbeing I sincerely feel they should not take up such movies. One or two here and there is fine… but Sonakshi seems to pursue a Phd in such crap roles.

The Lingaa Story is very poor and elements of crap

Someone told me it had values. Well one value I want you to know is about the indian guy (Dad Rajini’s sidekick) getting married to a white lady and keeps demeaning her in front of people in every occasion and showing her that she does nothing better but bear children and made the whole pathetic theater crowd laugh.. That is what you call crap value…. You might say it is insignificant, but women are respected white, black or brown…. And No Rajini movie can make an exception. Period. You don’t make such jokes…. I am a Rajini Fan but I don’t lose being the person I am when I watch his movies. My values define what I like and dislike…

So don’t come to me with Value crap in the story. If you wanted value, there should have been a seen of Rajini saar stopping that and may be even showing that character take a role on par with that of the other two…

lingaa_1416123622140A feel of Duplicate or Animated figure

Rajinikanth is 64 and it is amazing that at this age he is able to perform as he does, but we should all accept that age is a fact not fiction. But for south Indian cinema that has seen stars act as 20 something well into their 70s it is nothing new. But Rajini is the youngest old man in town to act that way, I would put Mammootty also next to him. But Mamootty looked 35 even when he was 20+ and still looks 35. But friends age is a fact and not fiction.

How does someone overcome age in movies? Well you do not overcome, you transform. The problem is that Indian movies always show older people as weak or in the care of the young. That has to change. No age is old or weak….

PadayappaWhy don’t people make movies so Rajinikanth can do roles like that done by Hollywood actors who act their age and still are crowd pullers, they have action and dialogues and intense drama. And movies run on these actors even if their character is the honest 60, 70, 80 and 90s instead of the dishonest 20s. Like Al pacino, Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood and may be even Naseeruddin as he did in Wednesday. Yes you might have to forsake dancing with the youngsters. But that won’t hurt Rajini saar in anyway if it is the likes of Anushka and Sonakshi that he gets.

But this is also where an actor and a star differ. I don’t think Rajini is a bad actor, but the star in Rajini has always hidden the actor in him. Yes may be fans like to see the star more than the actor.

So what did Lingaa do on age…. The role Rajini did in Lingaa made me feel many times that I was not seeing Rajini, but a mimicry stage artist of Rajini, may be it is the hairstyle in the movie and the costume and settings and poorly pictured song and dance sequences. The choreography did not really use Rajini saar’s dancing talent, it was more of an imitation of Rajini saar. Rajini dances much better than the Lingaa dances in there…. And at times I felt it was animated and not even real. For the industry that brought us Endhiran they could have used some better stuff… anyway Age is a fact… I want to see Rajini in roles similar to the Padayappa of the second half as in the picture above.

Lingaa1Is there anything good about Lingaa?

Yes and that is, it is a Rajinikanth movie. Like I have said before there are some actors whose movies people see because they are in there. Rajinikanth still pulls people into the theatre because of his presence… And I think he has the power to do that well into his 80s or 90s but he needs to transform. Or at least makes two movies a year one for each section of his fan base. But even then as a fan I might see both, but that is me….

Then the Train fight sequence; I loved it…. I think that was a master one and kudos to the fight and camera and special effects folks on that.

For me 3 hours is not a waste. Well not 3 more than that, including posting this…. I love Rajini, but some movies are bad and should be told so… if we love an actor… Looking forward for the next Rajini movie and I will see that too…  I think I will be a fan of the man for a very long time

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2 replies

  1. Balanced piece!!! While on this, pls read my post after watching Lingaa. “Can Rajini???” – http://wp.me/p1dZc2-np
    Feedback most welcome.

  2. K.S Ravikumar and his team of writers failed Rajni and Anushka is most definitely NOT a bad actress. Have you seen Arundhati and Vaanam? K.S Ravikumar has a habit of scripting weak female characters and it has followed suit here.

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