Sometimes religion needs a real kick in the ass to start behaving properly – My GHar Wapasi musings

Conversion is an issue irrespective of religion; though honestly I don’t really care if people get converted from Islam or Christianity to becoming a Hindu or vice versa. I mean what opinion should I have if someone wants to move the blindness in one eye to the other. Yes in some cases they become blinded in both eyes and cannot there on see humans as humans. That is bad and we all do see the impacts of that in this world.

The fact is Christian and Muslim religious assemblage has always had a free hand on conversion in India for a long time. And there has been nothing but violence, deceit, bribing and every other form of deception used in the process. And that has been going on for centuries. In fact for Christian Missionaries Conversion has been their only main agenda; in India and elsewhere; charity in the name of conversion. The only place they probably find it difficult is the Muslim countries. Well we know the reasons

As long as Conversion is considered as an honorable act in the name of religion, it will always be the main reason for any good that is said to be done in the name of religion. It is a pure third rate membership process at the end of which people get soda and cookies.

In India where politics is meddled with religious sentiments, groups and sects; with political aspirants going acting like religious lookalikes in dress and talk to get votes…. The politics that survives on religious and caste sects is the worst form of human degradation. We have many of those in all religions in India. On a political level so always the stand is that people get converted due to individual preference.

Now don’t get me wrong on that, there are people who wholeheartedly get converted from one religion to other. Nothing great, I do not honestly have an opinion about it. They are just preferences. What should I comment on someone’s preference to use European closet vs Indian closet. Just preferences that are purely individual, not my concern.  just don’t lure them with ‘cookies and soda’ or ‘swords and bullets’…..That is how I take religious conversion in general

Interestingly some religions even find it punishable to ‘convert out’, which is a whole different debate. I mean when in the very core religion by itself means deceit you can put any barbaric rule on top of it.

So honestly again I don’t care the least if there is conversion from Christianity or Islam to Hinduism (or whatever you call it that they are converting into) because that is just a natural thing that will happen when you give the other one a free hand. And when you come to power with the support of religious groups, you kind of get your face painted with shit from time to time. In my opinion this is just a start and you will see more from the Hindu religious belt tightening on some things… and we should fight it and in the process correct/fight out what other religious privileges some have over the others…. Religion and politics meddled with religion is the issue….

If this process really helps in banning conversion of every kind, then I think it is good. Because for anyone who thinks conversion from Hinduism to Christianity or Islam is ok should not feel bad about the opposite happening.

And conversion is a very pathetic thing to do because behind every conversion agenda always lies Deceit, violence, money laundering and sadly nothing progressive or good. Which basically means that all organized conversion initiatives that has happened in India till now has been filled with these violations at its core.

The sad part is always it is the people who are uneducated and poor who get lured into this by all religions. While the Muslims and Christians targeted the poorest of the poor; Ghar wapasi also does the same…. nothing different….

I sincerely hope this outcry against Ghar wapasi will also put religions in their position and take conversion out of the equation in India. Then all religious groups will be forced to end missionary/conversion spending and work towards the good of the people without increasing memberships and doing this soda cookie trade…

Sometime religion needs a real kick in its ass to start behaving properly, even if that means a stupid thing like Ghar Wapasi…..

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