The Rage on Mohan Bhagawat’s Mother Teresa Statement is Baseless

Why are people pissed off on Mohan Bhagawat’s comment on Mother Teresa. Is it because Mother Teresa was not doing conversion OR are we saying that Mohan Bhagawat does not have a right to say anything against Mother Teresa? Both don’t sound right to me.

Mother Teresa herself has agreed that bringing people to the christian faith (read conversion) is one of her main goals as a christian missionary and I don’t think even she would deny it if she was alive today.

If India gave BHarat Ratna to Mother Theresa for carrying out her mission in India, then Mohan Bhagawat or anyone in India or anywhere for that matter has a right to call out the conversion aspect of her mission. Not allowing that is an infringement on the rights of someone.

Personally I have found myself distasteful of many things Mohan Bhagawat blurts but that does not mean he does not have a right to talk. I think RSS and its hindu nationalist agenda is very bad for India. But on Mother Theresa I think he is not saying anything worng and people objecting it and underplaying the conversion element in Mother Theresa’s activities is because they don’t like RSS or Mohan Bhagawat. It is not a question of like of dislike, you do not decide what is right and wrong based on who you like and not like.

Arvind Kejriwal tweeted on this and I think he has no reason to be so emotional about this. If he has worked with Mother Theresa, well and good but that does not mean Mother Teresa is above any questioning.

We all know that conversion is a fundamental activity of christian missionaries everywhere in the world for a long time. Initially it was through force, then through incentives and deceit and now may be in the pretext of service, but a conversion agenda exists in a very big way among christian missionaries.

To non-Christians and atheists on deathbed many christian folks approach with this noble agenda of conversion and try using that person’s unhappy last few minutes on earth to substantiate and prove their belief and faith. I think that is an out and out disgraceful act, even if you give thousands of reasons for doing it.

Because in its underlying rawness what they are saying is that if you trust in Jesus you go to heaven even if you have sinned all your life and if you do not trust in Jesus you go to hell; irrespective of you leading a life committing no sins 🙂 well if that is not deceitful I don’t know what is…

So for this time I have to be with Mohan Bhagawat even though I hate doing it 🙂 I think for most people the issue is Mohan Bhagawat said this; if it was anyone else there should not have been such a issue. That also shows how distasteful people are with what Mohan Bhagawat says.

Now you might ask what about Ghar Wapasi Program. Well read my thoughts here in one of my previous post

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