Religious Conversion through different sets of eyes; Some closed and some open

Religious Conversion is a very complex activity and based on who you are and how you look at it, it can become acceptable or unacceptable to you.

  1. The Atheist – He/She probably does not care much about conversion of a person from one religion to another because for him if someone decides to transfer the blindness from one eye to another then it is their choice as long as they don’t become blind on both eyes.
  2. A Member of the lost religion  – If you are deep routed in the religion from where the guy is getting converted out, you will feel bad about conversion, irrespective of how it was done; forced, deceit, lure or personal choice.
  3. A Member of the religion that increased Count by 1 – If you are deep routed in the religion that has just increased its membership by one, you will be happy that you are in the right place and you also see that as a validation of your faith and its prosperity. You can easily find a way to rejoice.
  4. The guy who identifies with a religion but does not give a fuck –  Now it could also happen that you belong to a religion and not feel anything in both cases 2. and 3., and that is because your faith has nothing to do with your religious establishment and is a very personal thing for you. You value humanity more than divinity and you might be kind of bordering on spirituality and religionlessness and with some extra effort you can escape from the religious clutches and be free.
  5. The hero/heroin of the story; the one who got converted – If you look at conversion from the one being converted, if it elevates your state of affairs to a better state you are good. In one way you also just realized religion is like a political party and you can change if you want, when you want, how much ever you want and even live without it and just have one to show people, it all depends on what you feel 🙂
  6. The unbiased spectator – In a much unbiased manner, if you look you can find that the tools used for conversion matter a lot and all tools are not bad the same way. It is like marketing you can do an unethical way of marketing or an ethical way of marketing. While both might get you the result, if all facts are laid down you can surely say one was bad and other was good.
  7. The ones who cry revert instead of convert – And finally sometimes you will cry out that you want to reconvert so that centuries of conversion can be reverted. But you should understand that flogging a dead horse from the past will not jump start your present and help you leap into the future, you know who I am talking about here 🙂

And the big question is who are you….? 🙂

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