What is the problem with the Former ISRO Chief Madhavan ‘Vedas and Science’ claims and people running around with it

I have an issue with both Mr. Madhavan’s claims and the fact that many folks feel that we should all follow that claim. They vigorously defend what is being said. As an Indian one does not have a responsibility to defend any claim made by anyone irrespective of who it is. What we need is to question it.

So what are we trying to prove here? that ancient India was much more advanced than what we are now? because I have even heard claims that ancient India knew how to fly because we had Pushpaka vimana and Ganesha is proof of plastic surgery in ancient India. Now when the former ISRO chief says in a conference of vedas (again not that a science conference) that we knew about gravity 1500 years ago and vedas speak about water in moon. My simple question is then why is ISRO not being run completely on just Vedic knowledge?

He says aryabatta’s equation was used in calculations for chandarayan… but sir one equation does not run a space mission for a country does it? He also says we can’t fully understand it because it is in sanskrit. And we are asking the world to follow something that we ourselves cannot fully decipher?

People give reasons of so many years of foreign rule that pulled us back from the advances we made.. But my question is people invaded india took everything precious, even zero to all over the world but did not feel they should take the knowledge of the airplane, space research and plastic surgery from us. And then the poor likes of newton and others had to reinvent the wheel over centuries and many are doing it even now…. Is that the story we have….? So how advanced were we after all….. should we go by Mahabharatha and Ramayana also or just vedas?

I wonder why Mr Madhavan did not go into Vedic exploration alone. I am sure his career was built on studying and advancing what we know of science as a collective human achievement now than just ancient veda and philosophy right? The science we all learn growing up…? When someone builds a career on science as we know today (western science as many say) and retires and claims that ancient India knew all this before, I think we should give him some space and move on… I have nothing against him saying it.

But what ticks me off is people chanting.. “Look Look, we told you before, you did not believe us when we said Ganesha proved plastic surgery, and we had airplanes, now look the former chief of our space program tells it all….. he even says he used aryabhatta’s equation for chndarayan… what do you have to say…?” To them what else can we say but the fact that one equation does not run a space program in a country and that we should not struggle hard to stand side by side with the saudi cleric who is explaining that earth is stationary…

My humble request to you all who try to point that ancient india had more knowledge and blindly follow it is that learn about ancient culture and philosophy, no worries but let us not make a total fool of ourself, at least we are way better than the Saudi cleric…… We should look at the world from the point of where we are now. Science is very advanced and what we should do is put more knowledge into it and advance it further so all mankind benefits.

What we need to understand first and foremost is that it is no more western science, it is just science…. the science as we know it today is what we have and what will help us advance further…. and find solutions to our problems, pour knowledge into it… We have environment issues, the need for new energy sources, the problem with war, religious intolerance and violence and human rights violations that we need to tackle. Those are the things that we should be more worried about, not this ‘we knew better than you’ and the ‘we knew before you’ claims….

Or if people believe there is so much untapped knowledge in ancient India, work on deciphering all the cryptic of vedas so non sanskrit folks can understand before we start shouting around… we are always great at keeping knowledge in a language only the elite can use… that is the fundamental problem we have had for centuries… so break it, use a more accepted language…

And stop showing and talking about something that world already knows and show something in Veda that science has not yet discovered. And stop focusing the energy on going back to vedas and pointing out things that science already knows….. it is just an effort to prove mine is bigger than yours…..

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