Stop Religion from brainwashing and killing our children

stop COVERAs Taliban massacres children in Peshawar the “all powerful and all merciful” was either “completely powerless or absolutely merciless”. Isn’t it high time humanity stops believing in this sadistic Supreme Being whose religious books and doctrines can be twisted in any way to kill one another and above all be able to reason it in his name.

The sad part is that it is not easy because for many in this world the same religion, religious doctrines and books that made Taliban do this are the only comfort to hold on and support themselves in these troubled times. The absurdity is that if they discard religion they are lost and if they hold on to it, they need to find the Taliban’s reason outside their religion. It is very tough for many people.

I don’t believe in a supreme being and it has been proved over and over again that religion makes people do horrifically bad things that they might not do if outside the religion; but I also understand that ‘Faith’ is a very difficult thing for many to discard because so many good people live, survive and find meaning through their faith.

What we, as people standing outside religious boundaries can expect is that the good people with faith can become rational enough to stand up against these irrational and vicious pigs who unleash havoc and violence in the world. To a great extend this happens in my opinion because of silent spectators who either support or don’t oppose.

It is important that people of faith do not wait for a supreme non-existent being to bring harmony and peace in this world. Because that won’t happen, it never happens, the supreme being has just stood silent looking at all the violence and doing nothing. Accept it and move on. The biggest mistake one can do is trying to find a religious meaning to everything in this world.

People of faith and non-faith come together and mercilessly crush these intolerant bitches or they will continue doing this.

To add –
  1. When Taliban massacred the children in Peshawar the “all powerful and all merciful” was either “completely powerless or absolutely merciless”…
  2. Now the religious people just to keep faith intact will find a way to show that Taliban is something outside Islam…
  3. But unless people accept Taliban is very much inside Islam and then try to change that part of the religion that makes Talibanis to be born; nothing will change….
  4. Also there will come more hypocrites (outside Islam) who will amidst all this put out a statement that “Islam is a religion of peace” … what I never seem to understand is how come people outside Islam understands that Islam is a religion of peace when people in Taliban has completely got it wrong… This is called hypocritical diplomacy.
  5. Next time when someone midst such terrorist attacks (outside your religion) says that your religion is about peace what they really mean to say that I don’t wish to offend you so I will say your religion is a religion of peace…. it is called sarcasm not support
  6. The fact is there is nothing called a religion of peace… Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism … every religious text says it is ok to be mercilessly violent against people who oppose your thought. So put it all in one basket and throw or burn..
  7. Teaching religion to children is unnecessary because religion is not needed to teach morality and above all it brainwashes kids. In its simple form it tells what you believe is right and what others believe is wrong. It also teaches that you should believe that some things are above the need for proof.
  8. Religion will never end, it will always exist, but if we all try we can make religion powerless to wage war against humanity
Vinod Narayan

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  1. Think of it… we all believe in God but it is only a belief or conditioning since childhood. Nobody has ever proved an existence of God … and these foolish people are killing children in the name of God. Existence of any God may after all be a myth. Religion existed only to build an order in the primitive society.

    Who has SEEN God or TALKED to him even to hurt someone in his name or argue on his behalf?

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