Why Pakistan should put an explanation for the 26/11 accused Zakiur’s Bail

I was very upset when I heard the news on the Peshawar attack and then I was upset again when I heard that the top Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) commander and 26/11 terror attack accused Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi has been granted bail..

Because I feel Pakistan holds the responsibility to explain….
If not the world will take that Pakistan does not care for terrorist attacks that happens elsewhere and this bail is like showing the middle finger to the Indians and the world for the support and solidarity that they showed as Pakistan and the world copes with the horrible incident that happened in Peshawar.

You cannot use the graves of innocent people to fight filthy border battles… period….
And why do I say that?
Because even if zakuir’s bail was as part of the judicial process, I expect an outcry from within Pakistan for that. … The government should explain, it is just a fair ask.

Moreover the moron Musharraf claims the Peshawar attackers were trained in India, even if you take that as the ramblings of a dictator gone senile. … I wonder why bail a terrorist accused of 26/11 attack now. …. Is that just a coincidence?…… The explanation from Pakistan is just a fair ask….

No, it is not about emotions… It is about how I look at things… A Nation is like a human body; the head is the Government and the mass, the awam, the citizen is the heartbeat. The heart and the head gets impacted when something happens and cripples other parts of the body… the heart beats faster and the head goes dizzy…. At that time (at least at that time) the body cannot stop recognizing and feel for the similar pain inflicted in other bodies… the pain becomes common pain….

When you think that way and then hear a news like that of Zakiur’s bail, the first reaction should happen within Pakistan and it should be to condemn it; the question ‘why?’ should be the natural outcry of the people in Pakistan…. because terrorism should not be fought based on where and on whom it happens….  and naturally Pakistan citizens should be the first to get shocked by this bail.

I fully understand that just because Peshawar happened the judicial process should not change, but the whole timing does put the onus on the Government to do some explanation…And I think that explanation should be done to the people of Pakistan, to India and to the world…

When 145 people were massacred in your soil by terrorists and the next thing that happens in your country is your judicial system bails the accused from another terrorist attack on your neighboring soil; You cannot sit silent, you should not sit silent, you have the responsibility to answer….. there is no emotion in play here….. it is just how I see things…

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