PK Review – Thank You Aamir for being PK, the Bhojpuri speaking Alien

PKSometimes you need an intelligent fantasy to bust other fairy tales which people have started believing to be real. PK does exactly that keeping you glued to the seats for 2+ hours.

The movie weaves a very funny socially relevant story with a sci-fi thread that does not break anywhere in between. It treads two very delicate paths for Indian cinema that seem to go very much hand in hand; science fiction and religious hypocrisy.

Many times people cannot see the absurdity of things around them because they have become habitual accepting things the way they are until something out of the natural happens.

When an alien comes in and looks at the seemingly normal things and questions them people open their eyes and look. People start seeing a whole new dimension of the world they live in. The long suppressed critique mind that makes us truly human unravels itself and people start thinking instead of blindly following, and start choosing freedom to question over the servitude to fake. In one way PK tries to tell a story for people who are ready to listen.

PK posterPK is a whole family entertainer that you cannot disagree with. Worth every penny you spend.

Aamir proves that it is time you leave D3 behind you and that he is the best commercial actor of Bollywood. He should be appreciated not just for his acting but also doing this movie because it is not something many would try or can do… Aamir as the Bhojpuri speaking Alien is one of the most lovable characters you have seen in recent times

Raj Kumar Hirani has done an excellent job in the direction and screenplay. You can pick a few flaws like any other movie, but nothing that you will hold grudge against.

I would highly recommend the movie with family; I wish I could tell more about the movie, but would want you to see it and experience it.

You might find similarity with the ‘Oh My God’ movie, but I think it is quite different. OMG was a satire that had God play a role; where as I found PK to be more intelligently witty because it brings out in a very funny way the absurdity of the religious complex but keeps the concept of God at a safe distance in a level for people to make their personal choice.

You get the beauty of the movie especially when you start thinking that PK comes from a planet with advanced beings where the concept of God does not exist,and he has a tough time trying to comprehend the concept on earth; and then you will find the whole story becoming a very logical composition that breaks imagination into extremely powerful rational bits for human consumption.


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