Siddharth 2013 Movie Review – Moving and Authentic movie making

SIDDHARTHSiddharth is a 2013 Hindi Language Film. It is an Indian Canadian film directed by Richie Mehta. Richie had also made the movie Amal in 2007. I have not seen Amal but now I have unavoidable reasons for watching it.

Siddharth tells us a story that we all dread being involved in. A moving tale that in a stroke of ‘master story telling’ etches the most realistic display every parent’s worst nightmare; having to search for their missing kid; Siddharth stars Rajesh Tailang as Mahendra Saini and Tannishtha Chatterjee as Suman Saini. The couple whose son Siddharth goes missing

siddarth_01The movie touches on the issue of child labour in India. The social and economic compass that forces people to look in the direction of sending their kids to work instead of study and play. It also takes you through the various facilities in India that help in finding lost children.

Rajesh Tailang as Mahendra is memorable as the dad who is financially unable to stop working and go out and search for his son. Yet he goes across India searching for his son. The unimaginable plight and helplessness of the character is very well portrayed by Rajesh who is from the National school of drama in India (NSD).

SIDDHARTHTannishtha as Siddharth’s mother Suman gives an impressive performance completely being the character. Tannishtha looked familiar from some other movies before but this role is what is the most memorable for me. Tannishtha is also from the NSD

The movie speaks an experience rather than a usual ‘start to end’ story. It is all about what goes in the life of a family who is poor and have their son missing. With no advantages what so ever that money can buy, they have to knock the doors that the Government and social set up has created. We see that people sincerely try to help each other may be because people find themselves in the same position.

Mahendra is not the dad of the famous ‘Taken’ movie who brings the culprits to justice… but the commonest of common men who has to fight and overcome his multifold helplessness and economic disability and goes across India to find Siddharth….

The movie makers have taken effort to show the goodness in society bubble up when someone is in need for help. And I feel that is important to show in a movie, because if you can think as you were in the other person’s shoe you can understand the person’s plight and you will invariably extend a helping hand.

The story has been penned by Rajesh Tailang, Richie Mehta and Maureen Dorey. Watch Siddharth on Netflix today.

You can see the trailer for the movie here


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