Tattered Pieces of Poetry

I do not use poetry
to dilute the mix of humanity
but I write so it can flow ,
uninterrupted even into the dark
corners of my existence
and move us all to be considerate….

But my command in poetry
in how I can align words is not that good
and most times they fail
flat on the paper,
dismembering me from my thoughts
and disfiguring them with
an ugly choice of words….

But my intention is honest and
today I collected some of those
tattered pieces and wrote this
in a sincere attempt to convey
something my words
might have failed before

My poetry, my intention is good
but my lack of ability
stands in between you and
what I wish to convey
I know you will agree though
sometimes you will keep quiet
just to be considerate with me,
because I know
you are better than me