The Garbage Truck Driver

garbage-truck“What do you want to be…?”
The teacher threw the question
kindergartners you know them
eagerly waiting for recess
“eh?” said some..
fearing time will stop now
sometimes the recess looks
so far away

But a few were excited
some even forgot about the recess
“Policeman!” “Soldier!” fireman!”
shouted many..

“Doctor!” “soccer player!”
Shouted others
One shouted
“Super Hero! and Father!”
“Mother!” “Sister!” “Brother!
Came in others

The teacher looked at one boy
silently enjoying
the excitement of the class
“And you…? what do you want to be…?”
“Garbage Truck Driver” He said softly
soft enough for the class to hear and
fall into a round of laughter

The teacher signed them silence….
“Why so…..?” she asked the kid
“Why a Garbage truck driver…?
why not a race car driver….?”
Why not a pilot….? Asked another kid
Other kids joined
Why not a school bus driver?
You can be a Taxi driver
screw driver….. and they all laughed out loud
tomato driver…. cloud driver
Hamburger Driver….

That continued for a while
They were playing “Add the driver” game
every known word added by a driver
creativity started flowing like no end
Pizza driver, Pasta driver, Chicken Nuggets Driver
Video Game driver, picture driver
rain driver, leaf driver….. and on and on
the class of innocence laughed
and the kid joined amused
all the career options his friends were giving

The Teacher again asked
Why a Garbage Truck Driver….? Tell us….
The kid smiled
He drives the truck that
keeps the neighborhood clean
I want to do what
many are not ready to do