Summer Fried Eggs

Fried EggsWhy should the summer fry the eggs
for you for free?
What did you do this winter
to ask for such a thing?
what were you thinking when you
held her hands and walked out at night
lying to her that it will rain.

As the broken umbrella waited
in the garage corner hoping
that you will run back to it, grab it
and carry it with you…
what was in your mind?

When you know a wait is futile
many move on, but
what if you cannot move by yourself
then you are put into a state
of eternal wait
Do you know how that feels?

And did it rain that night?
If it did then it did not do a good job
It could not soak you
in your own miseries

And did she complain about that to you?
May be not,
because she knows you don’t care
And yet you want this summer
to fry the eggs free for you?
Don’t you think it is too much to ask, especially
when you did not do anything this winter

You just lied to her about the rain
gave her dreams of being drenched and
left that poor umbrella waiting for you
you sadist prick and
you want the summer to fry you eggs for you
absolutely free?
You Moron, That is so unfair

Categories: Poetry


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