4 Ways to celebrate the National Poetry Month This April

7268059_origApril is the month when the Academy of American Poets Celebrate the National Poetry Month. The idea behind this is to increase the awareness and appreciation of Poetry.

A few years back I had written a Poem called Why Poetry?which I read every now and then because as I mentioned in that poem, Poetry gives my life back to me.

This April I am sure you will bring poetry into your life. Here are a few ways I think one can participate on your own and connect with the poets and poem lovers online.

  1. Do a 30 day challenge by writing one poetry a day and posting that on a blog or Facebook or Twitter (you need to write within 140 characters here). I am doing this challenge
  2. Read a poetry every day and share it with others
  3. Read a poetry from a different language each day (translations will work)
  4. Read and record a poetry of yours and upload it

You can also find many ways you can contribute with your local community and library.