National Poetry Month – The ‘Poem a Day’ Project

Large-Blue-RGB-National-Poetry-Month-LogoApril is coming so is the National Poetry Month. Since 1996 The Academy of American poets have been celebrating the National Poetry Month to increase awareness and appreciation of Poetry.

I don’t remember doing any project on this occasion before, but this year I am planning to do a ‘poem a day’ Project. I recently did a 30 day ‘Love Haiku’ project that went quiet well. I know a full-fledged poetry a day is putting me to the limits and there would be many that may be half baked, but you know what? a project is a project.

Why do I do this? Well I know creativity cannot be squeezed out of you even if you manage to squeeze a few words out. But I have always liked these word projects because they enable me to think deeper and be aware of the world around me unlike the other days.

Why should you do it? Well if you think meditation makes you look inside, poetry makes you look around and deep into the world. It enables you to see the world in dimensions you would not have seen before. And I believe doing this on daily basis is a very rewarding experience at the end of the month.

So here we go and I will post my poems on the blog here and share them on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #nationalpoetrymonth

So Join me in writing, See you in the poems 🙂

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