Atheism and Morality

Hope some of you would have read about the recent anti-atheist speech made by the Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. His graphic parable is so stupid, demented, derailed and grotesque that I do not wish to restate it here. But you can read it or listen to it online if you really wish

Anyway what this Phil guy comes up with is that atheists cannot be moral, because they do not believe in God. He thinks you need God to be GOOD. This is an old single digit IQ spray people do against atheists 🙂 Many do it in a lot more decent manner, but looks like Phil likes to do it in the most disgusting way possible….

As an Atheist let me tell you that I do not (nor do you) need the belief in a God to be Moral, in fact I think the concept of God in itself is a big deterrent for being moral. I would not say something like what Phil said to prove a point. It is awful and creepy to say things like that. I am not sure if Phil was trying to convey that if he or any god believing person did not believe in God they would become  the monstrous, rapist, sadist criminal he detailed in his speech. I am amazed by how wicked thinking, illogical, foolish and retarded religion can make some people.

I have also read some people defend what Phil said telling the media is twisting what he meant. Well everyone knows what he meant, the point is clear “Atheists don’t have morality”, that statement is baseless but it has been debated in much more decent ways many a time between the religious and the atheists, with the religious finally going silent to the atheist arguments. May be that is why some people like to bring parables that are so disgusting to drive home a point. And in doing so they have broken a sense of decency in debates and discussions and there is a right and wrong in it and I guess phil just does not get it nor the people who defend what he said.

I liked Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta’s comment on this “I guess the only thing keeping Robertson from raping, shooting, and beheading other people is his fear of God and interpretation of biblical morality… in which case, I’m glad he believes. If he didn’t, they’d need to make a six-part HBO documentary about him.”

Finally may be Phil should answer this. there is a pending question from the late Christopher Hitchens to all Theists out there – still unanswered.. Hitchens is gone but the question I guess will remain unanswered always… Phil can try answering that, again please no graphic disgusting parables


Thank God I am an Atheist : )

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  1. In context Robertson’s comments are no better than they are in sound-bite form. His entire speech is filth.

  2. You can’t blame Phil – blame his parents. He was brought up to believe just as so many others are around the world.

    Remember, newborns do not know God until they are told – but the do know air, Sun and a Mother’s touch.

    • John, I am not sure if I fully agree with you on that; I will agree on the point that parents have a responsibility in what they teach their kids but thats all. I had written after I heard Zak Ebrahim talk on TED. Phil’s speech clearly states he hates, I repeat he HATES atheists and that is where the problem is 🙂 I am not saying every individual in the world will become a rational because some people have more benefit in being irrational and promoting irrationality. So the choice to be in a religion and say others are wrong and a step further hate people who do not agree with you is a choice and Phil is very clearly exercising that choice of his 🙂 so I think blaming his parents would not be right 🙂

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