Mainstream Imbalance – Poem#5 – National Poetry Month

Shoe sizeThe shoe shop always had
the same size shoes kept together
as if the people who come to buy
all have feet that are the same size
how silly…

I know why they do it…
the mainstream walks balanced,
so they believe….. but
I am not part of the mainstream,
My imbalance is what keeps the spice
Raises the bar and even moves the world….

When I go to a shoe shop I trick them
I pick a shoe box and replace the
left shoe with one, a size larger
the cashier hardly notices because
she too thinks I am
part of the mainstream

If I tell them about my feet,
they will want to see it
they will ask me to keep my feet together
they will bring their little
stupid feet measure device and
check the length and giggle

I hate going to shoe shops because they
think I walk balanced like the rest of the crowd
They don’t understand that my imbalance
is what gives the spice.

If I become famous ever I tell the world
that my feet is the secret of my success
Then People might stop buying same size shoes
and wear shoes of different sizes
you should know that some people are so shallow

They can never think deep
Their thought get entangled in the lace
And never go inside the shoe
they never reach the feet
they are so shallow
I detest such people,
they just live and die a balanced life

They won’t understand my imbalance
they won’t understand that
my feet touch each other daily
and remind me that when I walk
I tread imperfection like it is a virtue
And I will never tell them that
their same size shoe tells me
how boring their lives are

I will also not tell them that some day
someone will enter their shop and
like me search for shoe…..
And will find that perfect fitting shoe in the shoe box
the right shoe exactly one size bigger than the left
he will be surprised and overjoyed
and for the first time mainstream
would become imbalanced
I will never tell them that
our imbalance is the foundation of
their stupid balance

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