Think And Change – Poem#7 National Poetry Month

Think to ChangeSo I understand we are not the same
We do not have the same thinking
We don’t look alike
We are different

I am free to disagree with what you think
Free to object to what you propose
But will do my best to respect your opinion

But thoughts are very tough
to always respect
I can’t respect your thoughts
if they hurt someone….
I am not saying you cannot have them
just that I cannot agree
or respect a thought that hurts someone

Does my thought hurt you?
or someone?
May be…. I don’t know
there are many people in this world
who think different than me

So the question is why think
if it can hurt someone…
Haven’t you heard…
“Cogito Ergo sum”
when Descartes told us
“I think, therefore I exist”
We all need to exist so
we all need to think

What is important is we acknowledge
each other’s existence, and
the right for others to exist
and that Conflicts exist
and that this world is very complex
that conflicts are not just between good and bad
it is between good and good
it is between bad and bad
We think; so conflicts exist

It is complex…
This whole concept of thinking
This whole idea of who gets hurt and who does not
there is one good thing though
we all can think
If someone is getting hurt
We can think,
we can change
We can do things that won’t hurt

We can change ourselves,
our thoughts, Our very existence
and not take away other people’s
joy of existence
What do you think?

The greatest freedom we have
we sparingly use…
The freedom to change for the better
We should think because we are free,
we should think because we can
we should Think and Change

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