Who is pushing for war? Poem#9 National Poetry Month

BattleYou do not need to fight a war
to know about
winning and losing

Those who wage war generously
transfer the results to
its million plus citizens
You just need to be a citizen

You can win or lose a war
without ever fighting in it
that is what you call citizenship
at least for some countries

A citizen of the world thinks
every war is a war
on humanity…

The warmongers say
war is necessary to restore peace;
and make peace such an
unaffordable, costly commodity

Sometimes war happens
but it should never be supported
because war kills
the pain of collateral damage
is not any lesser

War is a creation of the
human urge to own
to divide, to rule
there is no life less precious
to engage in a war

War is an addiction
it is a belief system that feeds
on constant rationalizing
every war builds its base on
carefully crafted lies

Citizens don’t want war
soldiers don’t want war
then why are we at war, and
who is pushing for war?

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